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mmmbophansonrox's Zac Hanson Page!
Welcome to mmmbophansonrox's Zac Hanson Page

Zac   Facts   &   Info

*Name: Zachary Walker Hanson* *Date of birth: October 22, 1985 (He's a Libra!)* *Place of birth: Arlington, VA.* *Personality: (As far as I know) Very energetic (though he can get very serious when discussing things he believes in), sympathetic, loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, and definitely very funny!* *Instruments: Drums, piano and vocals* *Cool Zac Quotes: (On the brother's friendship) "We're like best friends only bester", "Peace, Love & Bulletproof Marshmallows", "I think it's actually that I'm so shy I act wacky to make up for it", and "I love you man!!!" *Best Quality: Zac's got a lot of energy and he seems like a really fun guy and I think his best quality is that even though he is known as the wacky and wilder one of the group when he is asked about something that he really feels strongly about or he believes in he becomes serious and can sound like someone much older than he really is and you forget that he's only 12 and realize that he can be very mature and give very deep answers.....however, he's always up for a good laugh!* *Favorite Clothes Item: I love his yellow Docs, camo pants and red with orange shirt with the small dragon on it.* *If you have any other facts you'd like me to post, please feel free to Email me!*

Yup, that's Zac! Gee, you think he's the wild one of the group??? Haha, Zac's so cool!

Zac playing his heart out on the drums

Here's a youngER picture of Zac! :)