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mmmbophansonrox's Isaac Hanson Page!
Welcome to mmmbophansonrox's Isaac Hanson Page

Isaac   Facts   &   Info

*Name: Clarke Isaac Hanson* *Date of birth: November 17, 1980 (He's a Scorpio* *Place of birth: Tulsa, OK. * *Personality: Determined, professional, funny, trustworthy, ambitious and sentimental* *Instuments: Guitar, piano* *Cool Isaac Quotes: "Oh my gosh Sears is having a sale!!!", "I don't give a rip" (on people who laugh at Hanson), "It's a frame of time", (On MMMBop).* *Best Quality: Isaac is the oldest of the group, so he is a leader and always watches out for the others and he is VERY funny! He's got a cool smile too!* *Favorite Clothes Item: I like his plaid jackets, kakhi slacks & Airwalks. *

Isaac live in London