My page about, well...stuff!
It's Austin Powers!!! So he's quite goofy, but it's the funniest movie I've seen in my life!!!

***Okay, well here's a little info on me...not that anyone REALLY cares...I just think it's nice to know about the creator of these pages, so here's just some silly info on me....*** *Name: Jill* *Age: 16* *Siblings: 1 sister* *Where I'm from: TEXAS!* *Favorite band: Gee, like that's not obvious by now. Hanson!* *Ohther bands I like: silverchair, Aerosmith, Iron Butterfly (60's), Toto (70's), The Beatles (Come on..everyone knows the Beatles! :), etc...* *Favorite movies: Interview w/ the Vampire, Austin Powers, Mission:Impossible, T2* *Favorite PC game: Tomb Raider w/ Lara Croft & DOOM* *Favorite subject: English/Literature, Art, World History...And Science * *Things I like to do: play softball, rollerblade, computers, I want to play Laser Quest (!!!), play piano, and have fun!!!* *Favorite Quotes: "Weird!", "Oh my gosh Sears is having a sale!!!", "Cool..."* *Okay, that's all 4 now. Thanks 4 coming to my page!!!*

Here's of the funniest cartoons!

My favorite show!!!

I love all animals and here is one of my favorites. Save the dolphins!

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