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Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

Just like the victims of tuberculosis, the symptoms of tuberculosis are varied. Early symptoms are so slight that infection might not be discovered until many cavities have already formed. The symptoms usually begin with a dry cough. The temperature rises in the late afternoon. In fact, the symptoms resemble an ordinary cold, but these symptoms persist. Eventually the victim has constant fever and night sweats. There is a noticeable loss of weight and a severe pain in the chest. The coughing may produce acute hemorrhages of bright red blood from the lungs.

Tuberculosis is a world-wide disease. It can invade any area of the world, including: any country, any person and any race throughout the world.

These are actual X-Rays of TB victims. As you can see, the TB virus causes damage to the lung tissue. The disease can affect the whole body, but is most common in the lungs. Other forms of infection include tuberculous meningitis and military tuberculosis, a rapidly fatal form causing disease in many organs. It can also infect the lymph nodes, bones, joints, genital organs, kidneys and skin.