mmmbophansonrox's Taylor Hanson Page!
Welcome to mmmbophansonrox's Taylor Hanson page!

Welcome to mmmbophansonrox's Taylor Hanson Page

Taylor   Facts   &   Info

*Name: Jordan Taylor Hanson* *Date of birth: March 14, 1983 (He's a Pisces)* *Place of birth: Jenks, OK.* *Personality: (As far as I know) Creative, shy, althletic, friendly, loyal & trustworthy, funny, professional and VERY talented!* *Instruments: Keyboards/piano, congo drums, tambourine, synthesizer, vocals* *Cool Taylor quotes: "Everything changes", "You can't be in it for the money, you have to really LOVE it", "And the guys goes, do you know who these guys are? And we were like NOOOO, don't!" (from T,T & the MON), "Girls are lucky, they don't have to go through that" (On Oprah when discussing his voice changing. He was only kidding girls! I personally found it hilarious!)* *Best quality: (I can ONLY pick one??!!) Well, physically I would say his beautiful deep blue eyes, but his overall I would say his best quality is his amazing talent and voice (he plays a mean congo and keyboards!!! Hanson rox!)* *Favorite Clothes Items: (His necklaces, of course...but those count as accessories :)I love his blue camo shirt, teal jacket, dark blue cowboy-style jacket, white dragon shirt, and his 'groovy' Docs.* *Sorry to disappoint anyone but I do NOT know or plan on posting their boxers/briefs and/or toothbrush color situation. I mean, come on...don't you think that's WAY too obsessive??? Besides, I have more respect for Hanson than to do that!* If you have any other Tay facts or info you'd like me to post feel free to email me at THANKS!

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